Danish courses at all levels

A2B offers Danish courses at all levels – from beginner to advanced. Our courses, for which you can register below, are mainly Online Danish Courses, fitting perfecting if you have a busy schedule. Choose your Danish course below, choose to pay your deposit for the Official Danish Language Course, or register for the final Danish exams (Danish Language tests), Medborgerskabssprøven, or Indfødsretsprøven. You can also get Private Danish lessons at A2B.


For Danish classes with physical attendance/onsite learning at our language centers, please find your nearest language center here

You may be entitled to free Danish – let us guide you

Online Danish courses

Looking for online Danish courses to learn the Danish language? A2B offers online Danish language courses that are easy to access from the comfort of your own home, from work or even while traveling. With A2B's online Danish courses, you can learn at your own pace without having to worry about transportation time or missing classes or work due to travel.

Our teachers specialize in teaching online, and our Danish language online courses are just as good and effective as learning in a traditional classroom setting.

So whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, learning Danish online with A2B is a great way to learn the Danish language online. Sign up for an online Danish course at A2B today and experience how easy it is to learn Danish!

Which Danish course should I choose?

It can be difficult to decide which Danish course suits you best. Here are some questions to consider to find the right course:

    • Do I want a Danish course with fixed meeting times, or do I want to decide when I learn Danish? Our online Danish self-study course is the obvious choice for you learn more here
    • Do I want an online Danish course where I attend a permanent class and have a permanent teacher? Here you may be entitled to free Danish education - see more here. Alternatively, we have these teacher-led courses.
    • Do I want to learn Danish in a real classroom at a language school? Contact one of our language centers here
    • Do I need to speak to a coordinator who can guide me to the right course? Call A2B on +45 70 26 61 00

Looking for info about free Danish classes?

FAQ about how to have a Danish course for free

  • How do I qualify for free Danish lessons?
  • What are the conditions to receive a referral for free Danish classes?
    • You must live in Denmark and hold a Danish CPR number, and your five-year right to take free Danish lessons must not have expired. Please check with your municipality or call us at +45 70 26 61 00 and let us guide you.
  • Do I have to pay a deposit for Danskuddannelsen?
  • Can I take free Danish Classes Online?
    • Yes! You can take Danish language courses online with A2B, and A2B offers several Online courses within The Official Danish Language Course. The online lessons take place twice a week and there will be homework after each session. The Online classes are as efficient and ambitious as Danish classes in a language school. Regardless of which municipality you live in, you can choose to take your free Danish Lessons online with A2B, if you are here to work or study - learn more here