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Registration for Danish language exams and tests, Medborgerskabsprøven and Indfødsretsprøven

If you want to take the final Danish language exam, you can register for the final exam of the Official Danish Language Course (PD1, PD2, and PD3) with A2B. In addition, you can also register for Indfødretsprøven and Medborgerskabsprøven. All tests are held twice a year - in the spring and in the autumn - at our language centers.

Register for the tests at A2B now – note that the registration only applies to the test in question, it does not include teaching at a language center.

Danish tests and exams for foreigners

The final Danish exams for the Official Danish Language Course, and the two tests Indfødretsprøven and Medborgerskabsprøven are aimed at foreigners who need to pass the exam or test in question to, for example, obtain citizenship or obtain authorization to work as, for example, a doctor in Denmark.

The final state-controlled Danish language tests take place in May-June (the summer term) and in November-December (the winter term), and the registration deadline is 10 weeks before the tests. All final exams in the Danish language consist of an oral and a written part and include four areas: Reading comprehension, written production, listening comprehension, and oral communication.

Indfødretsprøven and Medborgerskabsprøven, also known as knowledge tests, are also held twice a year.


A2B holds the following state-controlled tests:


A2B does NOT hold Danskprøve A1 and Danskprøve A2 for spouses joining their partners in Denmark, nor do we administer Forlængelsesprøven (formerly known as Indvandringsprøven) for religious preachers seeking extended residency in Denmark.


Preparation for tests and exams

It is a good idea to prepare well before a Danish language exam or test. For Indfødsretsprøven and Medborgerskabsprøven, the ministry has shared several materials to prepare as best as possible for the test.

See info and learning material for indfødsretsprøven here

See info and preparation material for Medborgerskabsprøven here

About the final Danish language exams of the Official Danish Language Course (PD1, PD2, and PD3), you can contact A2B at contact@A2B.dk or +45 70 26 61 00 and hear more about the options for getting preparatory teaching to pass the Danish exam.

Read more about the final exams on the ministry's website.