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Online Danish self-study language courses

Buy access to our Danish online self-study language courses, and join a fast and effective self-study online Danish course - which is also ideal as a prearrival course before moving to Denmark or when you have just arrived and need to learn basic Danish. The Danish course consists of online lessons with videos, texts, audio files, and self-correcting tasks - all designed to give you the best introduction to the Danish language at your own pace. Choose between a basic or an extended course.

Learn Danish online - Study Danish from anywhere with A2B's self-study course

Do you want an online self-study Danish program and want to learn basic Danish fast online with a high-quality program for beginners? Maybe you are moving to Denmark and want to learn some Danish before arriving as preparation? Maybe you have already arrived in Denmark and want to study the Danish language online?

With A2B's self-study courses we offer an easy way to learn basic Danish for beginners online.

With A2B's online self-study Danish course, you can login to our Danish portal and teach yourself Danish by going through up to 26 Danish lessons. A fast and easy way to learn Danish online 24/7 anytime and anywhere.


Learn Danish from scratch
A2B's online Danish is a high-level online Danish course for beginners, making it convenient and smart to learn Danish from scratch, while also learning about Danish society, culture, and the labour market. We have made it easy for you to learn Danish even though you have a busy schedule. Sit at home or be on the move with your computer, tablet, or phone, and learn Danish. Learners have access to lessons whenever the time is right.


Learn about Danish culture

The course also includes lessons about life in Denmark - such as:

  • Unwritten ruleinat the labour market
  • The Danish society and parliament
  • The healthcare system in Denmark
  • Children,, daycare and the Danish school system
  • Danish food
  • How the Danes live