Flexible and online DANISH language classes We teach your international employees Danish

As an HR employee, owner/director, or international coordinator in a company, finding the best Danish language course for international employees who want to learn Danish can be somewhat difficult.

A2B is your single point of contact when the company's employees need to learn Danish. We offer Danish lessons for foreigners at all levels - from beginner to advanced.

Free Danish courses for your employees

Often, the international employee may be entitled to municipally-paid classes, a free Danish course known as The Official Danish Language Course. Therefore, one of the first things we can offer is to assist in clarifying your employees' options for accessing Danish classes.

All you have to do is ask the employee to contact A2B - then we clarify whether they are entitled to free Danish, and then find the best offer that suits the individual.

Online Danish lessons - easy and flexible

We offer a number of relevant options to learn Danish. One of these options is to learn Danish online, where lessons can be arranged both during and outside working hours.

This makes it easy and flexible for the company's international employees to learn Danish at A2B.

We offer, among other things:

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We would like to guide you toward the best solution for you and your international employees. Contact us via phone at +45 70 26 61 00 or fill in the form below so that we can clarify how we can best arrange Danish lessons for your employees.

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Online Danish lessons under The Official Danish Language Course

It is free for international employees and students in Denmark to learn Danish under The Official Danish Language Course with A2B when you have a referral from the municipality - the referral can typically be obtained if you have been in Denmark for less than five years.

A2B's Danish courses under The Official Danish Language Course largely take place online, and we have classes both during the day and in the evenings so that employees can participate, regardless of whether they have to have classes during working hours or in their free time.

Online Danish classes work exactly like classes in a physical classroom with teacher presentations, group assignments, small exercises, etc., and your class will be guided by a teacher.

With our online Danish courses, the participants receive high-quality teaching without the hassle of transport to and from a physical language school.

If the employee would like to take part in a physical class at one of our language centers, that is also possible - see where we have language centers here.


Send an email to our b2b coordinator

How much does the Danish course cost?

How much does it cost to follow The Official Danish Language Course? Foreign students and employees are entitled to an offer of free Danish Language Course during the first five years they live in Denmark. It is the municipality where the employee lives that must provide the referral to Danish education, and it is the municipality that pays for it.

The reference typically arrives in the employee's e-Boks, but if the employee is in doubt about his right to a free Danish Language Course, we can help clarify the options. Call us at +45 70 26 61 00.

If the right to free Danish has expired

If you are no longer entitled to the free Danish Language Course - this may be, for example, if you have lived in Denmark for more than 5 years or have already passed an official Danish exam - you can follow The Official Danish Language Course at A2B as a self-paying student.

Contact A2B's course coordinator on +45 70 26 61 00 to hear more about the options.

Targeted teaching of high quality

A2B has taught international citizens Danish at language schools, companies, and online for more than 10 years. Our teachers are university or teacher-educated and specialized in identifying language needs and targeting the teaching to the company. We cooperate with a number of companies, and we take in more than 1,000 course participants annually.

A2B is part of the AS3 group.


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