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Do you need to improve specific aspects of your Danish language skills? Perhaps you want to enhance your Danish pronunciation or become better at conversing with colleagues in Danish. Or maybe you'd like to practice a speech or presentation in Danish with a qualified Danish teacher? A2B's Private Danish Lessons are for those who require intensive Danish instruction on specific subjects or issues.


A2B offers Private Danish Lessons with a qualified private Danish teacher who is experienced in teaching Danish and will structure the lessons according to your preferences and needs.


Please note that if you need private lessons to prepare for passing the Danish Language 3 Exam (PD3), you should book the lessons here.

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One-to-one Danish lessons

With A2B's Private Danish Lessons, you'll receive intensive, personalized Danish instruction in two lessons (1.5 hours) with a specific focus on the Danish language that you desire. The Danish instruction will be one-on-one and conducted online via Microsoft Teams.


Buy two Private Danish Lessons here - we will contact you to arrange the schedule and the topics for the two lessons, tailored to your needs.

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