Do you work or study in Denmark? Pay the deposit for the language course

Welcome to Denmark

If you have come to Denmark to work, study, or the like, you have a right to receive a municipality referral to a Danish course from your municipality. The course will take place online or at a language center where you will be taught Danish in a class with other foreigners who have also arrived in Denmark recently.

Important info about the right to receive a Danish course

From the moment you receive the referral, you have the right to up to 5 years of Danish lessons within The Official Danish Language Course. It is up to you to decide whether you would like to join the Danish course, but the 5 years are counted from the day of the referral. This means that even if you do not react to the referral, the 5 years start running from the day of the referral.


Before starting at the language center, you are to pay a deposit of 2,000 DKK online here or to the language center. The language center will provide you with further information about how to get your deposit refunded. If you are staying in Denmark as an au pair, you do not have to pay a deposit.

Refund of deposit

It is the local municipality that decides when you can get the deposit back. The rules are that when you pass a module or the final exam within the deadlines (six months for modules 1 and 2, seven months for module 3, eight months for module 4, and nine months for modules 5 and 6), you will receive your refund of the deposit. If you stop your Danish education without having passed a module within the deadline or pass the module test after the deadline, you will not receive your deposit back. Please ask your local language center if you have any questions about your deposit.

Three Danish language courses

There are three Danish language courses, and you will be placed according to your educational level and your Danish language qualifications, which we will test before you start. You will be placed in Danskuddannelse 1, 2, or 3 - and on a module (1-5/6), see the illustration below. All three language courses consist of a number of modules (5 or 6), and each module is completed by a test. The final module is completed by an exam in which both your written and oral skills are tested. You can attend classes during the day or in the evening - both online via Microsoft Teams or at one of our language centers.

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Did you know that from the moment you receive the referral from your local municipality, you have the right to up to 5 years of free lessons within The Official Danish Language Course?

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