Before you start lessons with The Official Danish Language Course at A2B's language schools or online, you must pay a deposit of DKK 2,000. You can only start at the language school once you have paid the deposit. You get your deposit back when you pass a module test or final exam within a given time frame.

Free Danish education - you must pay a deposit

If you have come to Denmark to work, study or the like, you have the right to a referral to Danish language courses from your municipality. The teaching takes place online or at a language centre, where you will receive teaching together with other foreigners who have recently arrived in Denmark.


You have the right to Danish language education for up to 5 years from the date of this referral. You decide for yourself whether you want to participate in Danish lessons, but the 5 years are counted from the date of receiving the referral. 


It is the municipality that decides when you can get the deposit back. The rules are that when you pass a module or the final exam within the deadlines (6 months for modules 1 and 2, 7 months for module 3, 8 months for module 4, and 9 months for modules 5 and 6), you get your deposit back. If you stop the Danish language education, including for example due to leaving Denmark, without having passed a module within the deadline, or passing the module test after the deadline, you will not get your deposit back. Call us or show up during the language center's opening hours to arrange a refund of the deposit.


Click here and send an email to A2B's coordinator if you want to hear more about free Danish training.