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Private Danish lessons online

At A2B, we offer online private Danish lessons at all levels, from beginner to expert. We offer, among other things, one-to-one lessons in Danish grammar, Danish pronunciation, conversation in Danish and training for speeches and presentations in Danish.

Our private Danish lessons can be planned according to your needs, so you can choose the time and the content that suits you best.

Private lessons in Danish

If you need to learn Danish quickly, intensive private tuition can be a particularly effective way to learn the language. That is why A2B offers private lessons in Danish, where you have one-on-one lessons online with a private tutor whose focus is precisely on your specific needs and the topics within the Danish language that you would like to work on and improve.

No matter what your goal with learning Danish is, our online lessons are the perfect solution to improve your Danish. We offer private Danish lessons for all levels and we plan the lessons to your specific needs and goals. So if you want to learn Danish in an efficient and flexible way, one-on-one lessons online at A2B are the right choice for you. We offer three options for private lessons:

  • Two lessons online for you who need training for a specific challenge
  • Private lessons as preparation for the PD3 exam - for you who want to be best prepared for the final exam at Danish Language Course 3
  • Executive Danish - an 8 week intensive course with private lessons and self-study

How to get started with private Danish Lessons

When you have ordered private lessons in Danish, you will be contacted shortly afterward by our coordinator, who - together with you - will plan your private Danish course in relation to both time and curriculum.

Four advantages of learning Danish through private tuition online at A2B:

  1. Personal focus: Private Danish lessons provide more personal teaching, where the private tutor can focus on your individual needs and challenges.
  2. Adapted pace: With Danish private tuition you can learn at your own pace and take more time to understand difficult topics and learn in a more efficient way.
  3. More interaction: In private Danish lessons, you will have more time to ask questions, receive feedback and improve your skills.
  4. Flexibility: With private lessons in Danish, you can adapt the teaching time to your own needs and schedule.