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Would you like to learn Danish? Perhaps you dream of moving to Denmark, maybe you are on your way here, or perhaps you have already arrived in Denmark and want to start learning Danish?

No matter where you are, you can take effective Danish language classes at A2B, so you can have a much easier daily life by being able to speak Danish with Danish colleagues, friends, neighbors, or others you meet along the way. Learning the Danish language is important to fully participate as an active citizen in Denmark.

At A2B, we know that learning Danish is difficult, and that's why our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in teaching Danish to foreigners and international citizens in a good and effective way. Everyone is different. Therefore, our courses are designed so that you learn Danish in the way that suits you best. In our opinion, this is the most effective method.

We offer several different courses to meet different needs: 

Our primary task is to offer you the right course that suits you and your daily life or situation. Therefore, you have the opportunity to choose from several different Danish courses.

You can find our Danish courses below:

  • Self-study courses - if you want to learn Danish at your own pace and have the motivation to follow the course lesson
  • Beginner 1 - an online beginner course where you receive online instruction in a group and learn Danish from scratc
  • Beginner 2 - an online course for trained beginners where you build on the beginner Danish you have already learned
  • Private lessons - One-on-one lessons tailored exactly to your needs and desires
  • Free Danish education - The official Danish Language Course that you can follow for free if you live in Denmark, have a CPR number, and have been referred by the municipality for Danish lessons


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