Terms of agreement

Latest update 17 March 2023.

The terms of agreement apply to the purchase of courses, Danish Language Classes and e-learning as well as the registration for final exams, Medborgerskabsprøve and Indfødsretsprøve, and the payment of the deposit with A2B A/S:


Hasselager Centervej 35
8260 Viby J
CVR no.: 26017297


A2B has the website www.a2b.dk, and A2B's courses/Danish Language Classes  and e-learning take place through https://portal-en.a2b.dk and https://portal.a2b.dk

Upon registration and payment, the course participant enters into a legally binding agreement with A2B regarding the access to A2B's e-learning or participation in a course/Danish Language Class held by A2B.


When you approve the Terms of agreement, you confirm that you are aware that the Personal Data Act gives you the following rights:

  • The right to receive a range of information about the treatment in a concise and easy-to-understand format
  • Right to see the personal data processed about you
  • Right to have inaccurate/wrong information about you corrected
  • The right to have your personal data deleted if one of the conditions for deletion is met
  • In some cases, the right to have the processing of your personal data restricted In certain cases, the right to receive your personal data and to request that the personal data be transferred from one data controller to another
  • Right to object to the otherwise lawful processing of your personal data, e.g. if you have "compelling reasons" against the treatment
  • The right not to be the subject of an automatic decision - including profiling - in cases where the decision has a significant impact on you


Order and payment
You register for a course/Danish Language Class at www.a2b.dk and pay upon registration. The course participant hereby enters into a legally binding agreement with A2B and with the access to A2B's e-learning or the participation in a course/Danish Language Class held by A2B. The order proceeds in these stages:

  1. Select item
  2. Select quantity of the product in question
  3. Enter personal information about the participant
  4. Enter personal information about the person making the order
  5. Accept conditions
  6. Enter credit card information or MobilePay info
  7. Payment

After registering, you will receive an invoice at the email address you used for the order. When purchasing access to e-learning, you will receive a login for our online portal after two working days at the latest, and the email with the login will state how long you will have access to the material.


Payment takes place at the same time as registration, and payment is made via payment with MobilePay or credit card.


It is possible to pay via a bank transfer after further agreement with A2B via the email a2bdrift@a2b.dk.


Processing of personal data
In order to be registered for a course and e-learning, A2B collects the following personal data: Name, telephone number, nationality, and e-mail.


When registering for ministerial exams and tests, A2B collects the following personal data:
Name, address, telephone number, nationality, e-mail, exam type, social security number, exam registration place, and where necessary, special test conditions.


When registering and paying for The Official Danish Language Course, and when completing the payment of the deposit for The Official Danish Language Course, A2B collects the following personal data:
Name, address, telephone number, nationality, e-mail, social security number.


When participating in The Official Danish Language Course, A2B will also collect the following information - civil status, ethnic background, and educational level.


A2B is the data controller for processing the information, which is processed with the aim of ensuring participation in final exams, payment of the deposit, or delivery of the agreed course/Official Danish Language Course. The processing takes place under Article 6, subsection of the databeskyttelsesforordningen 1, points b) and f).


The information is stored for as long as necessary to fulfilling the purpose. If your course at A2B includes the issuance of a Danish diploma, A2B is obliged to store this for 30 years.


We use data for the following to give you the best possible process at A2B:

  • Collection
  • Reading
  • Editing
  • Storage
  • Deletion
  • Evaluation
  • Disclosure
  • Testing
  • Statistics

You can contact A2B's data protection officer at any time and gain insight into the correction, restriction, or deletion of your personal data, your right to object to the processing of your personal data, and the right to data portability.


A2B's data protection officer can be contacted at a2bdrift@a2b.dk.

Your personal data is covered by the Act on the Processing of Personal Data, and the Danish Data Protection Authority supervises that the Act is complied with. See more at: www.datatilsynet.dk.


The purchase of courses and final exams from A2B is not covered by the right of withdrawal (cf. § 18 subsection 2 of the forbrugeraftaleloven). The purchase of e-learning is binding, as this is a digital service where you will, two days at the latest after the purchase, have full access to the materials. Therefore, it is a condition for access to e-learning that the 14-day right of withdrawal is waived.


Regarding the courses, A2B offers a 14-day right of withdrawal from the conclusion of the agreement. Up to 14 days before a course or event, you have a 14-day right of cancellation from the time of ordering the course. In this case, you will receive a full refund of the amount paid minus an administration fee of DKK 250. However,  there is no right of cancellation if you order the course later than 14 days before the specified date for the course.


Cancellation can be made by notifying A2B of the cancellation - preferably by completing and submitting the standard cancellation form below - the form can be sent to a2bdrift@a2b.dk.


When registering for ministerial tests, cancellation must be made no later than before the registration deadline expires. If you cancel, an administration fee of DKK 250 will be deducted. If you cancel after the registration deadline, there will not be a refund.


When paying a deposit for The Official Danish Language Course, the right of cancellation does not apply - possibly repayment is made according to the guidelines in force in the Danish Education Act (danskuddannelsesloven).

Standard cancellation form
(this form is completed and returned only if the right of cancellation is exercised)
- To [insert the trader's name, physical address and e-mail address of trader himself]:
- I/we (*) hereby announce that I/we (*) wish to exercise the right of withdrawal in connection with my/our (*) purchase agreement for the following goods (*)/delivery of the following services (*)
- Ordered date (*)/received date (*)
- Customer's name (Customer's name)
- Customer's address (Customer's address)
- The customer's signature (Customer's signatures) (only if the content of the form is communicated on paper)
- Date
(*) Delete if not relevant


A2B's cancellation
A2B can cancel a course and thereby cancel the participant from a course for which they have registered. In those cases, the full payment incl. any fees is refunded.


Access to complaints
Complaints about purchases can be made to a2bdrift@a2b.dk. In addition, it is possible to complain to Forbrugerklagenævnet. Read more here (link https://taenk.dk/raadgivning/reklamationsret-og-garanti)


Intellectual property rights
E-learning and course material are the property of A2B, and the full or partial reference or reproduction of the material may only take place with prior, express, and written permission from A2B.


Conducting the course
Access to A2B's e-learning is personal, and if a person unjustifiably and without permission from the user accesses another person's access to an online course or otherwise obtains unauthorized access to a course, this entails the obligation to pay the full or increased course fee to A2B.


Indemnity and Disclaimer
The course participant is responsible for having registered for the course based on the descriptions of, among other things, the level given at www.A2B.dk. Dissatisfaction with the course content does not trigger a full or partial refund of the course fee.