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Learn Danish for free online with The Official Danish Language Course at A2B

You can follow The Official Danish Language Course (also called The Certified Danish Education) online at A2B. Danish classes under The Official Danish Language Course are free if you are an international student or employee in Denmark and have a referral to Danish education from the municipality and thus have the right to free Danish classes at one of the country's language centers.

Sign up for A2B's online Official Danish Language Course 2 (DU2) and 3 (DU3) with 100% online teaching, where you only need to show up at A2B for the 4 or five module tests and the final exam. Fill out the form and register.

If you are not entitled to free Danish tuition but want to follow classes and pay for them yourself, or if you do not know whether you have a referral, we can assist you to find out - call us at +45 70 26 61 00 or send us an email at contact@A2B.dk

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Please fill out the form and we will get back to you to arrange further getting started on The Official Danish Language Course.

This is how The Official Danish Language Course online takes place at A2B

The teaching itself is the same as a Danish course in a classroom at A2B's language center and you will have a dedicated teacher in your class. You will work on topics, grammar, writing, speaking, listening, and reading. You have ongoing conversations with the teacher about your Danish education and your progression.

Teaching on Teams

The teaching takes place on Microsoft Teams, which you must download on your computer before the teaching starts. To follow the teaching, click on the link that you received from the teacher prior to the teaching.

The structure of the lessons

Each teaching session/evening consists of three lessons, which are typically structured according to this overall model:

  1. lesson: The teaching begins with a review of homework. Next, there are oral exercises.
  2. lesson: Work on topics focusing on reading and grammar and vocabulary building.
  3. lesson: Work with writing and rounding off the day's teaching as well as homework for the next time.

You must show up for the module tests

The Official Danish Language Course consists of 5 or six modules - to complete one module and proceed to the next one, you must pass a module test. These module tests take place through physical attendance at one of A2B's language centers or offices, where you must appear in person to take the module test.

Requirements for participation

At The Official Danish Language Course online, it is a prerequisite for a good result that you actively participate in the teaching. This means that you attend classes, participate in the activities and conversations, and that you complete and hand in the homework.

You are also required to have a good internet connection, download the latest version of Microsoft Teams, and be able to sit in a quiet place during lessons. 


How do I participate in the Official Danish Language Course if I am no longer entitled To free Official Danish Language Course?

If you'd like to enroll in the ambitious The Official Danish Language Course program with the opportunity to complete it with the final tests Danish PD2 or PD3 test, but you are no longer eligible for free Danish lessons, you can join The Official Danish Language Course as a self-payer at A2B.

Please contact our coordinators at the phone number +45 70 26 61 00 or via email at contact@a2b.dk for further details on participating in The Official Danish Language Course​ as a self-payer.

Interested in a fast, self-study online Danish Course?

Is The Certified Danish Education too demanding and too much for you right now? If you prefer to start your Danish language training with a fast-paced self-study online Danish course, you can choose our online Danish course, a beginner course with self-study lessons consisting of videos, texts, sound bites and assignments. Book and pay now and start the course within a few days.

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Five tips for how to learn the Danish language fast

  1. Take classes - either online self-study classes or organised language classes at eg A2B's language centers. When taking classes with trained and skilled teachers, you will get a fast and competent introduction to the Danish language and get the best start. 
  2. Speak, speak, speak - even though your Danish is not at all perfect - just speak. At the grocery store, in the cafe, or at the sports club. Speak Danish whenever you get the chance. Even speaking a few words here and there improves your skills. 
  3. Be curious - look up Danish words and phrases that you do not understand in a dictionary and take notes of their meaning. You tend to remember things better when you also write them down. 
  4. Watch Danish tv-shows - if you can get access to watching for example, the classic "Matador", you will get an introduction to Danish culture and history AND you will hear people pronounce Danish words and phrases slowly and thoroughly
  5. Listen to Danish radio and podcasts and read Danish magazines - get the sound of the Danish language in your ears and get used to reading Danish letters, words, and phrases.

What's with the special Danish letters - how to pronounce Æ, Ø, and Å?

Æble, øl, and åben. Learning the Danish language also means learning three new letters - Æ, Ø, and Å. But why are they here, and how do you pronounce them?

According to the official website of the Danish language - sproget.dk - the letters Æ and Ø have been used for about as long as Danish has been written with Latin letters, which is since the 12th century, and Å was introduced in 1948. The stories behind the three letters are:

  • Æ originates from the Latin alphabet - the alphabet we still use today. The sign æ was used in medieval manuscripts instead of ae.
  • It is believed that the Ø originated in the writings of the ancient Romans as a compilation of the letter signs o and e.
  • Å was introduced in the official spelling in 1948, and before that, one had to use aa to follow the official spelling rules.

​How do I say Æ, Ø and Å? watch the video and listen to the pronunciation of the Danish alphabet - Æ, Ø, and Å are the three last letters in the Danish alphabet. 

The Danish alphabet

Watch and listen to how to pronounce the Danish letters


Before beginning your Danish classes online, you must pay a deposit of 2,000 DKK. A2B's coordinator will provide you with further information about how to get your deposit refunded. If you are staying in Denmark as an au pair, you do not have to pay a deposit.

Refund of deposit

It is your local municipality that decides when you can get the deposit back. The rules are that when you pass a module or the final exam within the deadlines (six months for modules 1 and 2, seven months for module 3, eight months for module 4, and nine months for modules 5 and 6), you will receive your refund of the deposit. If you stop the Danish education without passing a module within the deadline, or passing the module test after the deadline, you will not receive your deposit back.

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Learn more about rules, deposit etc.


FAQ - This is how you can go to The Official Danish Language Course online with A2B

Contact A2B by filling in the form above, sending an email to contact@a2b.dk or by calling us on +45 70 26 61 00. Tell us that you would like to go to The Official Danish Language Course online with us, and we will make a plan for you to get started - it typically goes like this:

  1. We need to get ahold of the referral to free Danish lessons that you have received from the municipality you live in. Perhaps you already have it in your eBoks? Otherwise, you can contact your municipality to get it, or we can ask the municipality for you.
  2. You must be in Denmark to work or study: Refugees and family reunified (familiesammenførte) must follow The Official Danish Language Course at the local language center located in their municipality. But if you are in Denmark to work or study, you have a completely free choice to choose exactly the language school you want. Including A2B's online Danish courses.
  3. When we have the referral, you must have a visitation interview with a teacher dedicated to assessing new students: We will book an appointment with you for a short interview, where we will test your level and place you in the right class. The visitation interview takes place online via TEAMS or at one of our language centres.
  4. You must now pay the deposit before you can start the lessons - you pay the deposit here.
  5. You will be notified by your teacher when your first free online Danish lesson takes place. At the same time, you get a login to our teaching universe A2B Portal, where there is a lot of teaching material, and where you will also find the link to the first lessons.
  6. In the course of The Official Danish language Course, you - by law - have to take a module test 4 or 5 times, just as you have to take a final test/exam. This takes place in person at one of our language centres, which you can find here.

Write a message and we will get back to you