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Uanset hvilken kommune, du bor i, kan du vælge at tage danskuddannelsen online hos A2B. 

Regardless of which municipality you live in, you can choose to take the Certified Danish Education online at A2B. 

Tilmelding til Online Danskuddannelse

Har du en henvisning til danskuddannelsen fra kommunen (hvis du ikke ved, om du har en henvisning, kan vi hjælpe dig med at finde ud af det) og dermed ret til gratis danskuddannelse på et af landets sprogcentre ? Og har du måske svært ved at finde tid til at tage på sprogskolen to aftener om ugen? Så kan du nu tilmelde dig A2Bs online Danskuddannelse 2 og Danskuddannelse 3 i et 100 pct. online forløb.

Vi opstarter næste hold på begge danskuddannelser tirsdag den 24. august kl. 18.00, og herefter er der undervisning hver tirsdag og torsdag kl. 18.00-20.30. Vi har løbende optag, så det er aldrig for sent at tilmelde sig. 

Hvem kan deltage?

A2Bs online danskuddannelse er for følgende målgrupper:

  • Danskuddannelse 2 er for for kursister, som har en kort skole- og uddannelsesbaggrund fra hjemlandet - ca. 8-10 års skolegang.
  • Danskuddannelse 3 er for kursister, som har en mellemlang eller lang skole- og uddannelsesbaggrund - mindst 12 års skolegang.

Hvordan tilmelder jeg mig danskuddannelsen Online?

Du tilmelder dig ved at ringe til A2Bs koordinator Anna på 27 61 16 95 eller sende en mail til - herefter vil hun kontakte dig for at afklare nærmere omkring din henvisning fra kommunen, visitationssamtale og opstart. 

Send en mail til A2Bs online koordinator Anna

Registration/Booking for Online Certified Danish Education

Do you have a referral to the Certified Danish Education from the municipality (if you do not know, if you have a referral, we can assist you to find out) and thus the right to free Danish classes at one of the language centers in Denmark (? And maybe you have a hard time finding time to go to language school two evenings a week? Then you can now sign up for A2B's online Certified Danish Education 2 and Certified Danish Education 3 in A2Bs 100 percent online course.

We start up on both Danish courses on Tuesday 24 August at 18:00, and after that, there is teaching every Tuesday and Thursday from 18.00-20.30. We have weekly admissions, so it's never too late to sign up.

Who can participate?

A2B's online Danish education is for the following target groups:

  • Danish education 2 is for students who have a short educational background from their home country - approx. 8-10 years of schooling.
  • Danish education 3 is for students who have a medium educational background - at least 12 years of schooling.

How do I register for the Danish education Online?

You register by calling  - then she will contact you to clarify further about your referral from the municipality, visitation interview, and when to start.

send an email to the coordinator

Sådan foregår danskuddannelsen Online hos A2B

Selve undervisningen er den samme som i et klasseværelse på A2Bs sprogcenter. Du skal arbejde med emner, grammatik, skrivning, mundtlighed, lytning og læsning. Du har løbende samtaler med underviseren omkring din danskuddannelse og din progression.

Undervisning på Teams

Undervisningen foregår på Microsoft Teams, så som deltager hos A2B skal du downloade programmet til din computer inden undervisningen. For at følge undervisningen trykker du på linket, som du har modtaget af underviseren forud for undervisningen.

Lektionernes opbygning

Hver undervisningsgang består af tre lektioner, som typisk er opbygget efter denne overordnede model:

  1. lektion: Undervisningen indledes med at gennemgå hjemmearbejde. Dernæst er der mundtlige øvelser.
  2. lektion: Arbejde med emner med fokus på læsning og grammatik og oparbejdelse af ordforråd
  3. lektion: Arbejde med skrivning og afrunding af dagens undervisning samt hjemmearbejde til næste gang.

Krav til deltagelse

På den Online danskuddannelse er det en forudsætning for et godt resultat, at du deltager aktivt i undervisningen. Det vil sige, at du møder op til undervisningen, deltager i aktiviteterne og samtalerne, og at du laver og afleverer hjemmearbejde.

Klik på linket herunder og send en besked til vores koordinator, som derefter vil kontakte dig med yderligere aftale om opstart. 

Send en mail med tilmelding

Interested in a fast self study Online Danish Course?

Is The Certified Danish Education too demanding and too much for you right now? If you prefer to start your Danish Language training with a fast self study Online Danish Course, you can choose our Online Danish Course, a beginner course with self-study lessons consisting of videos, texts, sound bites and assignments. Book and pay now and start the course within a few days.

Book a self-study online danish course

This is how the Certified Danish Education Online takes place at A2B

The teaching itself is the same as in a classroom at A2B's language center. You will work on topics, grammar, writing, speaking, listening, and reading. You have ongoing conversations with the teacher about your Danish education and your progression.

Teaching on Teams

The teaching takes place on Microsoft Teams, which you must download to your computer before the teaching starts. To follow the teaching, click on the link that you received from the teacher prior to the teaching.

The structure of the lessons

Each teaching session/evening consists of three lessons, which are typically structured according to this overall model:

  1. lesson: The teaching begins with a review of homework. Next, there are oral exercises.
  2. lesson: Work on topics focusing on reading and grammar and vocabulary building
  3. lesson: Work with writing and rounding off the day's teaching as well as homework for the next time.

Requirements for participation

At Online Certified Danish Education, it is a prerequisite for a good result that you actively participate in the teaching. This means that you attend classes, participate in the activities and conversations and that you do and hand in homework.

Five tips for how to learn the Danish language fast

  1. Take classes - either online self-study classes or organized Language classes at eg A2Bs language centers. When taking classes with trained and skilled teachers, you will get a fast and competent introduction to the Danish language and get the best start. 
  2. Speak, speak, speak - even though your Danish is not at all perfect - just speak. At the grocery store, in the cafe, or at the sports club. Speak Danish whenever you get the chance. Even speaking a few words here and there improves your skills. 
  3. Be curious - look up Danish words and phrases that you do not understand in a dictionary and take notes of their meaning. You tend to remember things better when you also write them down. 
  4. Watch Danish tv-shows - if you can get access to watching eg the classic "Matador", you will get an introduction to Danish culture and history AND you will hear people pronounce Danish words and phrases slowly and thoroughly
  5. Listen to Danish radio and podcasts and read Danish magazines - get the sound of the Danish language in your ears and get used to reading Danish letters, words, and phrases.

The voucher system for Danish tuition

You have the right to up to 3,5 years (42 months) of Danish tuition during the first five years of your stay.
The Danish course is set up as a voucher system.

These are the rules of the voucher system

Before you start a Danish course at A2B we will invite you to a meeting with one of our teachers, who will test your language skills and hear more about your qualifications. Afterward, the teacher will enroll you in the right Danish course level and the right module.

The number of vouchers you will get depends on the number of modules you need to complete and pass the final test. If you start at Level 2 Module 2, you will get the right to five vouchers which enables you to complete five modules and the final test.

You can take a break

The voucher system enables you to take a break should you need it because of e.g. heavy workloads, traveling, or maternity leave. You can take a break after passing a module and before you start a new module. You are obligated to inform A2B about the break when finishing a module.

Remember to inform us

If you do not inform us about wanting a break, the voucher system continues automatically.

Do not waste your time

If you do not pass the module test within the stipulated time, you will need a new voucher to continue your Danish course. 
When you complete a module the voucher is no longer valid. In that way, you can end up using the vouchers without being able to complete the course.

Why do we give international citizens vouchers?
The purpose of the voucher system is to motivate international citizens to complete the Danish course within the five-year limit and to encourage to attend classes.


Before starting Danish classes online, you must pay a deposit of 2000 DKK. A2B's coordinator will provide you with further information about how to get your deposit refunded. If you are staying in Denmark as an au pair, you do not have to pay a deposit.

Refund of deposit

It is your local municipality that decides when you can get the deposit back. The rules are that when you pass a module or the final exam within the deadlines (6 months for modules 1 and 2, 7 months for module 3, 8 months for modules 4, and 9 months for modu¬les 5 and 6), you will receive your refund of the deposit. If you stop the Danish education without passing a module within the deadline or passing the module test after the deadline, you will not receive your deposit back.

click here to pay deposit
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