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We offer courses in the certified Danish Language Education – danskuddannelsen. We also offer online information meetings, our popular conversation courses and you can read about Corporate Danish at your company.

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Danish Education at AU

A2B is specialized in teaching Danish to international citizens with a long educational background. Our courses in the certified Danish Education at Aarhus University are open to AU staff, students, and spouses.

When attending A2B Danish language courses you will receive teaching of high quality from experienced teachers, and you will experience an administration that cares for your specific needs. We know that your time is precious and therefore all our courses will be taught at the university and online.

The courses include topics and issues that are relevant for your work life and professional interests as well as topics that cover Danish society and culture. Through these topics, we cover all language learning disciplines such as grammar and syntax, speaking, listening, and reading comprehension.

You will receive:

  • Flexible courses that fit your work schedule
  • Introduction to Danish society, values, and mind-set
  • Certified Danish language courses with a final exam
  • Teaching materials and educational content targeted at highly trained professionals
  • Experienced teachers that focus on your needs

Please find our upcoming courses for beginners to advanced learners in the box to the right. If you are not a beginner, we always do a screening of your language skills to ensure that you enroll at the right level.

You can take PD3 exam with us

We host the exam for the certified Danish Language Course 3.

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PD3 exam preparation courses

A2B offers two types of online PD3 exam preparation courses.

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Danish Education at companies

A2B is specialized in teaching Danish to highly educated professionals who are pursuing a career and life in Denmark. If you have recently arrived in Denmark, you will most likely be eligible to receive Danish lessons under the certified Danish Education. The lessons will be paid by your municipality when you pay a deposit of 2000 DKK. An A2B teacher will come to your specific location at hours that match your work schedule.

We offer:

  • Course hours that fit your work schedule
  • Lessons taught at your location
  • Certified Danish language courses with the final exam PD3
  • Teachers with many years of experience
  • Introduction to Danish society, values, and mind-set
  • Educational content targeted your professional needs


Corporate Danish

At A2B, we offer specifically structured courses for executives and key staff. The courses are focused on developing the specific language skills that the employer and employees need for a further career in the company.

The lessons are clearly oriented towards using and speaking the language, and focus is on oral communication and pronunciation. We will focus on speaking about everyday things and how to communicate specifically at your workplace, at meetings, on presenting, writing e-mails, etc. The courses are based on the CEFR-scale and you will therefore attain formally acknowledged language skills.

Corporate Danish is structured in modules of 10 weeks with a final evaluation. An A2B teacher will come to your location and teach 1½ hours twice per week. The levels range from “beginners” to “intermediate” and lastly to “advanced”.

Speaking Danish

Open conversation courses
For students of module 3, 4, and 5 who want to improve their ability to converse spontaneously in Danish.  
In a busy work life, it can be difficult to find the time and the opportunities to practice your Danish conversational skills. If you want to maintain and improve your conversational Danish – perhaps in addition to your regular Danish lessons – this class is just what you are looking for. 

With instruction and guidance from your teacher, you will be discussing topics such as politics, travelling, family life, or life in Denmark – all through settings and activities that are aimed at getting you to speak a lot.

Conversation courses at your AU institute
Do you want to practice your Danish conversational skills with your colleagues at AU? Do you want an A2B teacher to show up at your specific institute?

We offer conversation courses for small groups around the AU campus. With instruction and engagement from your teacher, you will discuss relevant news topics, life in Denmark and you will learn how to present your work or research in Danish.

Executive Danish

A2B Executive Danish are a series of tailormade lessons targeted at one specific and important employee in the company. An A2B teacher will come to the company location, or the lessons can be held at A2B’s location in Aarhus C or even online. The series of lessons will be carried out by the same A2B teacher and the content, time and focus of the lessons will be planned with the teacher ahead of time.

The focus can be on;

  • Building and expanding Danish vocabulary
  • Practice Danish communication in the workplace
  • Prep for important meetings and presentations
  • Reading and understanding important work texts and documents


Pre-arrival Danish online

A2B’s Pre-arrival Online Danish is a high-level online Danish portal that makes it convenient and smart to learn basic Danish language skills. It also includes information and offers knowledge about the Danish society, culture, and labour market. We have made it easy for you to learn Danish even before arriving here.


Join one of our online information meetings on the Certified Danish Education 3

The meetings are for Aarhus University employees, spouses, and students. Sign up here to learn more about A2B, the Danish Education regulations, and our upcoming courses:

Danish Education at BAAA

At A2B, learning Danish will be fun, relevant and practical. You will learn the language, following the 5 modules in the certified Danish Education, but for you at BAAA, we will especially focus on the importance of the language in your study life:

  • Getting a relevant and well-paid student job
  • Getting a good internship
  • Small talking with Danes in school and at work
  • Writing e-mails and understanding Danish letters e.g. in your e-boks

The classes take place at the BAAA campus, so it couldn’t be easier for you to swing by lessons twice per week after your regular classes.
The fees for the classes are paid by Aarhus Kommune and all you have to do is pay a deposit to enter your course.

Coordinator Julie Errebo-O’Neill


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