Our online beginner course

A2B offers an online Danish beginner’s course – Beginner 1 (Approximately equivalent to level A1 in the Common European Framework Reference for Languages). This course is the perfect way to learn basic beginner Danish in an ambitious online class. It is also suitable as a prearrival online Danish beginners course if you are on your way to Denmark and would like to learn Danish before arriving.


The course is a 100% online course consisting of 24 lessons, all of which take place online via Microsoft Teams. The lessons are spread out over two weekly sessions for six weeks. In addition, 3-4 hours of homework per week is expected. 

There are up to 12 participants in the course, ensuring that you can learn the Danish language efficiently.

This course is suitable for people who understand English and who have at least 12 years of schooling such as a grammar/high school education or a higher education.

This course is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Learn Danish from scratch as a beginner
  • Learn fast, intensively, and at a high level
  • Learn online on a digital platform
  • Enjoy the advantages of highly-professional online study materials
  • Study with a highly-qualified language instructor
  • Get feedback on your progression

Have you not arrived in Denmark yet? No problem, you can use this course as a prearrival course.

The A2B Portal and teaching materials 

A2B has developed all teaching material for this course, and they are all to find on the online A2B Learning Portal which you will have free access to from all devices. On the portal, you will find all the material and information about the course and all dates and appointments.

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Five tips for how to learn the Danish language fast

Beginner 1

Learn basic Danish fast with A2B's online teacher-led Danish course for beginners (A1). A high-level Online Danish Course with 24 lessons, two nights a week for six weeks, and 3-4 hours of homework per week. The course includes:

  • 24 teacher-led online Danish lessons 
  • All teaching materials – access to the online A2B Learning Portal, homework, and feedback
  • Max. 12 participants 

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