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Take the final Danish 2 Exam (PD2) with A2B

Do you need to pass the final Danish language test “Danish Exam 2” (PD2) - perhaps as part of a plan to apply for citizenship? And do you just want to take the exam without attending Danish classes?

You can register here as a self-study student for the final exam of The Official Danish Language Course 2 (end of the 6th module of The Official Danish Language Course 2) at A2B's language centers.


During the exam, you will be tested on both an oral and a written part, and at the Danish language test level 2, you will be assessed in these areas:

  • Reading comprehension, where one is expected to be able to read quickly and locate factual information and essential details in a text, as well as to read carefully and understand the message, context, and details in a text, including understanding perspectives.
  • Written expression, where one is expected to provide factual information, including describing and narrating, expressing opinions, and influencing.
  • Oral communication, which includes listening comprehension, where one is expected to understand simple communication using clearly pronounced language with a certain degree of complexity.


Before the test, you will receive further information from the language center where you are registered regarding how the test will be conducted and when you must arrive.

The final PD2 exam takes place twice a year, in May/June and November/December. The examinations are conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Danish examination system, and you will receive a grade on the seven-step scale. The fee is payable upon registration.

The Danish Language Course 2 (Danskuddannelse 2) is designed for students who typically have a short educational background from their home country.


Prepare yourself for the Danish 2 exam


Practical information about the Danish 2 Exam

Danish Exam 2 registration

Register here for the exam for The Official Danish Course 2 – registration is for both the oral and the written exams.

Deadline for registration 2. September 2024.

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