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A2B is welcoming you online or at one of our language centers, where we offer Danish language courses at all levels - from beginner to advanced. You will experience high-level Danish courses tailor-made for your needs. Our courses include topics relevant to your work life while also introducing you to Danish society and culture. You will experience a fast, effective, and contemporary approach to language learning. 

Can you learn Danish for free?

For some internationals living or studying in Denmark, Danish lessons within The Official Danish Language Course (The Certified Danish Education or danskuddannelsen) are free with a referral from the local municipality - you are only to pay a refundable deposit of DKK 2,000. If you do not know whether you are entitled to free Danish lessons, we can assist you in contacting your local municipality. 

Call our coordinator at +45 70 26 61 00 or send us an email by clicking below - we will assist you in finding the best and most efficient Danish course for you.

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Study Danish online - buy our online Danish crash-course as self-study

Are you on your way to Denmark and wondering how to learn Danish most efficiently? Maybe you are moving to Denmark and would like a pre-arrival course to learn some Danish before arriving? Maybe you have arrived in Denmark and would like to study the Danish language online. Buy access to our Danish online language portal, where you can access Danish lessons with videos, texts, audio files, and tasks, and learn more about Danish society, culture, and the labor market. 

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Click on the link below where you will find a map of Denmark and be able to locate the A2B language center (sprogcenter) closest to you.


Learn Danish for free

How to get started with The Official Danish Language Course (also called The Certified Danish Education) online or at our language centers:

  1. Check with your municipality (kommune) that you have a referral and therefore the right to free Danish classes within The Official Danish Language Course (danskuddannelse) 
  2. Book your class: For 100 online classes book here - otherwise, contact the nearest A2B language center to enrol for classes at that center
  3. If you do not have a referral, you can contact our coordinator at +45 70 26 61 00 and arrange for your payment for participation in The Official Danish Language Course
  4. Otherwise, you can book and pay online for an online beginner's course (24 lessons) here

Before you start the course, you will meet with one of our teachers. At the meeting, you will take a language test and talk to the teacher about your expectations, needs, and wishes for the course. 

Did you know that....

As an international working or studying in Denmark or as a spouse, you can participate in The Certified Danish Education, Danskuddannelsen, which consists of three levels with five modules. This course has a minor refundable start-up deposit of DKK 2,000, and there is no tuition fee.

Three levels of Danskuddannelse - The Certified Danish Education

Before starting the Certified Danish Education at an A2B sprogcenter, we will test your language skills, qualifications, etc., and thereafter we will enrol you in either Danskuddannelse 1, Danskuddannelse 2, or Danskuddannelse 3 – depending on your level. 

Each danskuddannelse consists of either five or six modules, as illustrated. 

To advance from one module to the next, you need to pass a test. You can complete the final module by passing an official exam.   

Important about the right to Danish lessons

You are entitled to attend a Danish course for up to 5 years during the first 5 years of your stay. Your local municipality – kommune – will send you a letter/referral with information about your right to the Danish course. Within one month of receiving the letter, you are to contact your local language school to discuss your participation.

How to pay the deposit

When you have chosen to participate in The Official Danish Language Course with A2B, you are to pay a deposit of 2,000 DKK prior to starting the course.

The deposit will be refunded when you pass a module within a given timeframe. You are to bring the receipt of payment when you start classes.

Free Danish lessons

With a referral from the municipality, the tuition within The Official Danish Language Course is free.

Contact A2B at +45 70 26 61 00 for further information.

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Companies can apply for support for their employees’ Danish language education

If you have a job, your employer and/or company has several opportunities to seek financial support for your Danish language course.

The State Adult Education Fund (SVU)

SVU is an educational grant for adults who are applying for further study during working hours. If your employee participates in The Official Danish Language Course and receives tuition during working hours, you will be able to receive a pay allowance for the hours the tuition lasts.
There are several conditions that must be fulfilled in order to receive SVU. Among some other criteria, the employee must:

  • Be employed and have had work for the past 26 weeks and be over 20 years old
  • Have permission from the employer to take some time off to participate in the Danish language course
  • Not receive any other public support
  • Live in Denmark

At www.SVU.dk you can find more information about SVU and apply for it - it is the company that must apply on behalf of the individual employee.

FAQ's about The Official Danish Language Course

Q: Who has the right to attend Danish courses under danskuddannelsen (The Official Danish Language Course or The Certified Danish Education) for free?

A: As an international working, studying, and living in Denmark, you generally have the right to up to 5 years of Danish tuition. Your local municipality issues the referral for you to receive the free Danish classes - therefore you need to receive this referral from the municipality before starting classes. Our coordinator or your local A2B language center can assist you in the process of contacting the municipality. 

Q: What language school can I go to for free Danish lessons?

A: As an international working, studying, and living in Denmark, you generally have the right to choose freely what language school you would like to attend. The local municipality has arranged a local language school for you, but if you would like to choose another school - eg. closer to your job or 100% online, as A2B offers, you can choose yourself.  

Q: Are Danish lessons free?

A: Danish courses under danskuddannelsen (The Official Danish Language Course or The Certified Danish Education) are 100% free if you have a referral from the municipality in which you live. However, you are to pay a deposit of DKK 2,000 which will be returned if you finish the modules and courses within a given timeframe.  

Q: How long does it take to complete danskuddannelsen (The Official Danish Language Course)?

A: There is no defined and fixed schedule for completing danskuddannelsen - it depends on your own effort and progression. The course consists of up to six modules, and you need to pass the test for one module in order to advance to the next. The module tests are conducted at the language center, and your teacher decides when you are ready to take the module test. The final module of the course finishes with a final exam (Prøve i Dansk 1, 2, or 3), which takes place in May/June and November/December each year. You and your teacher decide when you are ready to take the final exam. 

Q: What do I do if I do not have the right to free Danish lessons and therefore cannot get a referral from the municipality?

A: If you would like to follow The Official Danish Language Course and wish to pay to participate, this is of course possible - you can register by contacting A2B's course coordinator by clicking on the link below.

You can also participate in one of A2B's shorter open courses - find them here.

send an email to a2bs coordinator

Aarhus University - staff and spouses

A2B has tailor-made Danish language courses for staff and spouses at Aarhus University.

The courses take place at a faculty near you at Aarhus University.

For further information call A2B language center in Aarhus at 24 88 48 15 or 27 61 16 39.

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