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Welcome to A2B Language Center Mariagerfjord

A2B offers The Official Danish Language Course for integrating citizens in Hobro, where the aim is to teach our candidates Danish and move them towards a job or an education. We also offer The Official Danish Language Course for students and foreign employees in Denmark.

A2B has an individual and job-oriented focus, where the goal is self-sufficiency. The Official Danish Language Course at A2B includes teaching the Danish language and culture, as well as labour market and social conditions in Denmark. In the first and second modules, we place special emphasis on oral and employment-oriented language skills.

If you want to learn Danish at A2B Language Center Mariagerfjord in Hobro, please contact us at +45 27 61 16 95 for further information. 

Tests and grades:

In 2022, we had the following pass rates at this language center:

Danish Course 1: 85,7 pct. 
Danish Course 2:  100,0 pct. 
Danish Course 3: 100,0 pct. 

And these average grades (on the Danish seven-point grading scale, where -3=F and 12=A):
Danish Course 1: 6,1
Danish Course 2: 6,6
Danish Course 3: 6,8

Source: Aktiviteten hos udbydere af danskuddannelse for voksne udlændinge m.fl. 2022 

We hold the final exams:

You can register for the final Exams PD1, PD2 or PD3 and Indfødsretsprøven and Medborgerskabsprøven here.


Learn Danish for free at Sprogcenter Mariagerfjord

As an international living, working, or studying in Denmark, it is most likely free for you to study The Official Danish Language Course/danskuddannelsen in our language center or online, as the course is free-of-charge provided you have a referral letter from the municipality.

To find out more about learning Danish at A2B, and The Official Danish Language Course/danskuddannelsen, contact A2B Mariagerfjord at sprogmariagerfjord@a2b.dk.

Please note: the municipality/kommune is to refer you to The Official Danish Language Course. You might have already received a referral, but if not, please contact the municipality or call us at +45 27 61 16 95.

Danish lessons for international employees

A2B offers international employees group tuition at all levels at the language center in Hobro or 100% online classes - tailored teaching from beginner to advanced levels for employees or managers. We will find out whether this teaching can be free under The Official Danish Language Course.

Contact us

We would like to guide you in finding the best solution for you and your international employees. Contact us by phone at +45 27 61 16 95 or fill in the form below, and we will clarify how we can best arrange Danish lessons with you.

A2B Sprogcenter Mariagerfjord


Adelgade 4 
9500 Hobro
Phone: 27 61 16 95
P-nr.: 10 23 16 37 28


Center Manager
Anna Ejby Jørgensen
Phone: +45 27 61 16 47
E-mail: ajor@a2b.dk

Education Manager
Peter Egeløkke Christensen
Phone: +45 20 49 23 87
E-mail: pchr@a2b.dk



Have you just arrived to Denmark? And would you like to learn Danish at A2B?

We offer several Danish courses for foreigners. Our courses are available for you – contact Mariagerfjord municipality by phone number +45 97 11 30 00 to be enrolled for a Danish course at A2B.

send an email to language center mariagerfjord

Opening hours:


Monday: 8.00-20.30
Tuesday: 8.00-15.00
Wednesday: 8.00-20.30
Thursday: 8.00-15.00
Friday: 8.00-13.00


We are not closed for the summer holidays.

Do you want to register for the Danish course at A2B?

Contact Mariagerfjord Municipality on 97 11 30 00


Welcome to The Official Danish Language Course (also called The Certified Danish Education) at A2B. We are happy that you have chosen to learn Danish with us. Below you will find information about the deposit and how you can pay the deposit.

You must pay a deposit of DKK 2,000 before your lessons begin. You pay DKK 2,000 here. When you arrive for your classes, you must bring a receipt of your payment. 

Refund of deposit

It is the municipality that decides when you can have your deposit returned. The rules are that when you pass a module or the final exam within the deadlines (four months for module 1, five months for module 2, seven months for module 3, eight months for module 4 and nine months for modules 5 and 6), you get your deposit back. If you stop studying The Certified Danish Education - for example if you leave Denmark - without having passed a module within the deadline, or if you pass the module test after the deadline, you will not be able to get your deposit back. Call us or ask us during the language center's opening hours to arrange a refund of the deposit.

Do you have questions?

Contact your language center on +45 27 61 16 15 if you have questions about The Official Danish Language Course, the payment, and support options.​

Contact us

Fill out the form, and we will get back to you.


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