Work, live and speak Danish Danish language courses

Welcome to Denmark

If you are in Denmark to work, study etc., you are probably entitled to study Danish for free. The Danish course takes place in a language school – Sprogcenter og Sprogskole – where you will attend classes with other foreigners, who have recently arrived in Denmark.

Important about the right to Danish lessons

You are entitled to attend a free Danish course for up to three years from the date of which your local municipality – kommune – have send you a letter with information about your right to Danish course. It is optional for you to participate in the Danish course – but remember that you have to enroll within the three years.

The three Danish courses

When you arrive at the A2B Sprogcenter, we will test your language skills etc., and thereafter we will enroll you to either Danskuddannelse 1, Danskuddannelse 2 or Danskuddannelse 3 – depending on your qualifications. If you have not yet learned any Danish, you will start at module 1 (see the model below illustrating  the three Danish courses). You move from one module to the next after you pass a test. A Danish course terminates with a test in both written and spoken skills. At our A2B sprogcenter we offer classes during the day or evening.

Send an e-mail to A2B for further information

Aarhus University - staff and spouses

A2B have tailor-made Danish language courses for staff and spouses at Aarhus University.

The courses take place at a faculty near you at Aarhus University.

For further information call A2B Sprogcenter Aarhus at 24 88 48 15 or 27 61 16 39.


Click on the link below - you will find a map of Denmark and be able to locate the A2B languagecenter - sprogcenter - closest to you.


Pay deposit online

Before starting the Danish course at A2B, you are obligated to  pay a deposit of 1,250 kr. The amount is to be paid to the A2B Sprogcenter, where you will receive further information on repayment etc. The course itself is free. If you are in Denmark as an au pair, you will not have to pay the deposit.

Contact the A2B sprogcenter closest to you to receive further information – find our locations here

Click here to pay deposit for the danish course

Before starting the Danish course at the A2B Sprogcenter, we will test your language skills, qualifications etc., and thereafter we will enroll you to either Danskuddannelse 1, Danskuddannelse 2 or Danskuddannelse 3 – depending on your qualifications. 

Each danskuddannelse consists of either five or six modules as illustrated. 

To advance from one module to the next, you need to pass a test. You finish the final module by passing an official exam.   

About the danish courses - in danish

The voucher system for Danish tuition

You have the right to up to 3,5 years (42 months) of Danish tuition during the first five years of your stay.
The Danish course is set up as a voucher system.

These are the rules of the voucher system

Before you start a Danish course at A2B we will invite you to a meeting with one of our teachers, who will test your language skills and hear more about your qualifications. Afterwards the teacher will enroll you to the right Danish course level and the right module.

The number of vouchers you will get depends on the number of modules you need to complete and pass the final test. If you start at Level 2 Module 2, you will get the right to five vouchers which enables you to complete five modules and the final test.

You can take a break

The voucher system enables you to take a break should you need it because of e.g. heavy workloads, traveling or maternity leave. You can take a break after passing a module and before you start a new module. You are obligated to inform A2B about the break when finishing a module.

Remember to inform us

If you do not inform us about wanting a break, the voucher system continues automatically.

Do not waste your time

If you do not pass the module test within stipulated time, you will need a new voucher to continue your Danish course. 
When you complete a module the voucher is no longer valid. In that way you can end up using the vouchers without being able to complete the course for free.

Why do we give international citizens vouchers?
The purpose of the voucher system is to motivate international citizens to complete the Danish course within the five year limit and to encourage to attend classes.