Our values

A2B is a socially responsible and value-based company. Everyone in the company works based on the AS3 group's three values: decent, business-oriented and long term.

To us, being decent means that we are honest, empathetic, and respectful, and value good communication with each other and with the people we meet in our profession.

To us, being business-oriented means that we are professionals and that we make a difference to our customers, business partners, and candidates, and of course to each other.

For us, working long-term means that we build our business on long-term relationships as well as long-lasting concepts and solutions. This also means that we continuously improve our skills in our field so that we can also provide the most professional services in the future. Our desire to establish long-term relationships thus obligates us to constantly deliver the highest quality in our work.

Our promise

At A2B, we attach great importance to providing the right advice to candidates, customers, and business partners.

We, therefore, have a promise, which is aimed both at the market and at ourselves: We are there!

We are there for the individual customer, and we are there for the candidates.

We are also there internally for each other in the group. This promise obliges us to be present - only then can we make a difference.

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