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Have fun with other international students in Denmark - while taking Danish lessons. A2B offers FREE Danish classes within the Official Danish Language Course when you hold a referral to FREE danish lessons from your local Municipality. Our Danish classes take place on campus with other international students or online. Please note that you have to pay a refundable deposit of 2000 DKK to start classes. 
A2B offers Danish classes with:
- Flexible schedules that fit your schedule
- An introduction to Danish society, values, and mindset
- A final certified exam

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Fill out our form and we will get back to you and guide you to the best classes for you. Please note: This is a provisional registration - you are not registered definitively until we have been in contact with you.

How do I learn Danish as an International student in Denmark?

Are Danish classes free? The short answer is "Yes". Are you an international holding a Danish CPR number and studying in a Danish Educational Institution (Eg a university, Business Academy, a university college) your local municipality will give you a referral to free Danish lessons within the Official Danish Language course - in Danish "Danskuddannelsen". With the referral, you have the right to up to five years of free Danish lessons and the right to finish with a final certified Exam. 

How do I know, if I have a referral for free Danish? You should receive a referral to free Danish lessons from your local municipality - You will find the referral letter in your E-boks. If you have not received a referral to danish classes - we can assist you in retrieving it - please call us at 70 26 61 00 or fill in the form below, and we will get back to you.  

Can I choose any language school, I want? When you are a student in Denmark, you are free to choose any language school you want. Even though the referral letter from the municipality states a local language school, you are always free to choose to learn danish with A2B.

How do I get started with studying Danish? Register above or call A2B at 70 26 61 00 and let us guide you in finding the right course for you.


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