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From August 1st, A2B will be Aarhus Municipality's provider of Danish education for international employees and students, and you can then attend Danish education at A2B in Aarhus.

You can already sign up for a one-month free online self-study course, where you can learn Danish online as a self-study course by going through lessons on our digital learning portal. Sign up here below.

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What do I get with A2B's Prearrival Danish self-study course?

With this basic Danish course, you can learn Danish at your own pace because it's a self-study course where you are your own teacher. You log in to our digital learning portal at the times that suit you best and go through the Danish lessons at the pace and in the order you prefer. 

Each lesson consists of videos and audio files where you can listen to the Danish language and repeat words and phrases yourself. Additionally, there are accompanying texts where you can read words and sentences in Danish, along with explanations of word and sentence structure. In each lesson, there are exercises to test your knowledge. You can repeat lessons and exercises as many times as you need.

The advantage of taking your Danish lessons on this self-study course is that you can learn Danish at the times that suit you best. The goal of this self-study course is to teach you, among other things, Danish words and phrases related to:

  • Introducing yourself in Danish
  • The Danish alphabet and Danish numbers
  • Working in Denmark

When you register, you will get one-month free access to The Prearrival Danish Course as self-study.


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