one-to-one intensive online Danish lessons EXECUTIVE DANISH COURSE

Do you want to learn Danish fast with an intensive high-level one-to-one Danish course? And do you want to learn more about Danish culture and life in Denmark before starting your new career in Denmark? A2B offers an online Executive Danish Language course with one-to-one teaching planned to your specific needs and your level. The course consists of 16 online lessons with your teacher and an online self-study course consisting of 26 Danish lessons and lessons about Denmark and life in Denmark.

Information about the course

With A2B Executive Danish Language course you get an intensive digital and personal 8 weeks online Danish course with a combination of self-study lessons and one-on-one teaching via Microsoft Teams.

Target group

The Online Executive Danish Course is suitable for executives who have just arrived or are on their way to Denmark and want to prepare and improve their Danish language and learn more about Danish culture. The course will be tailor-made to individual needs, and it is ideal for pre-arrival or immediately after arriving in Denmark.


DKK 24.000 which includes

  • A kickoff meeting and a plan for your Danish language training fitted to your needs
  • Three months of access to A2B´s Online Danish portal which includes:
  • 26 intensive high-level Danish lessons with texts, videos, sound bites, and self-correcting tasks
  • 11 lessons in English with an introduction to Danish culture and everyday life - eg about unwritten rules and social structure
  • 10 lessons in English about major cities and regions in Denmark with links to further information
  • 16 one-on-one sessions (45 minutes each) via Microsoft Teams with your teacher

Course start

Within two business days, your coordinator will contact you and plan your course. 

The A2B Portal and teaching materials
A2B has developed all teaching material for the course, and they are all to find on the online A2B Learning Portal which you will have free access to from all devices. On the portal, you will find all the material and information about the course and all dates and appointments.

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Practical information


You pay for the course upon registration. The registration is binding and it is not possible to cancel. After completing your booking, you will be contacted by your teacher within two business days to schedule the online appointment for the kick-off meeting. You can transfer your booking to someone else by sending an email to or calling 70 26 61 00.

Five tips for how to learn the Danish language fast

  1. Take classes - either online Danish lessons, self-study classes or organized Language classes at eg A2Bs language centers. When taking classes with trained and skilled teachers, you will get a fast and competent introduction to the Danish language and get the best start. 
  2. Speak, speak, speak - even though your Danish is not at all perfect - just speak. It is the best way to improve your Danish. At the grocery store, in the cafe, or at the sports club. Speak Danish whenever you get the chance. Even speaking a few words here and there improves your skills. 
  3. Be curious - look up Danish words and phrases that you do not understand in a dictionary and take notes of their meaning. You tend to remember things better when you also write them down. 
  4. Watch Danish tv-shows - if you can get access to watching eg the classic "Matador", you will get an introduction to Danish culture and history AND you will hear people pronounce Danish words and phrases slowly and thoroughly
  5. Listen to Danish radio and podcasts and read Danish magazines - get the sound of the Danish language in your ears and get used to reading Danish letters, words, and phrases.
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